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Since several years, barely noticed by my environment, I am practicing the beautiful hobby of amateur-astronomy. During all this time I have been drawing many astronomical objects I was able to observe. My major aim of this homepage is to present this drawings to a larger public. I want to share a little bit of the wonders I see with my own eyes when observing the sky with my telescopes - and so my paintings display the objects and anybody can see this with a similar equipment during similar sky-conditions. I`d like to present a small image of what the universe will show to us and how it looks like if you don`t look to it through the high-end pictures of professional astronomers.
Regarding responsibility I have to emphasize that I don`t take accountability for external links you can find at my homepage, apart of my conscientious control. Those carriers are responsible of their own for the contents.

I don`t want that anybody will use my drawings for further actions without any permission. That means: that I have to be asked in advance! However it will be a pleasure giving you my endorsement, if I don`t have any doubts about the proposed use. So please inform me with a predecated mail showing a clear subject.

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Konstanz, August 2010
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